Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

Bonding and tooth-colored fillings have revolutionized dentistry making it possible to fill cavities and repair chipped, worn, or discolored teeth. The procedure involves adhering a composite (tooth-colored) resin to the surface of the tooth. The beauty of bonding is that it is esthetic and conservative dental care intended to preserve your natural tooth structure.

Porcelain veneers exquisitely restore beauty and elegance to any smile in need of improvement. Porcelain veneers are artfully crafted ultra-thin porcelain facings fabricated by skilled dental ceramists restoring luster, translucency, and color bonded to your natural tooth structure, yielding magnificent results.

Crowns restore health, function and appearance. Crowns help protect compromised or broken teeth and can be utilized to replace missing teeth as well as placed on dental implants to restore esthetics and function. There are many types of crowns and various dental materials used during fabrication. Most importantly it is about utilizing the latest technology, materials, and awareness of the patient’s needs to restore that dynamic smile.

Digital Dentistry

Our patients enjoy the benefit of digital impression technology. Taking a quick and accurate oral scan, eliminates the need for messy, uncomfortable traditional impressions of the past. This detailed 3D digital image of your teeth and gums is sent electronically to our highly skilled dental laboratory to fabricate crowns, bridges and veneers in a matter of days, not weeks.